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In early 1996, MCM began providing financial services in a profoundly new way to private investors. Unlike the old wire-house model with its emphasis on selling/brokering securities and collecting trading commissions (e.g., Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, etc.), we’re able to make clients our sole focus. We craft carefully designed portfolios, unique to the needs of every client. Our established record of investment performance is a result of paying meticulous attention to their needs, as well as maintaining a disciplined, thoughtful approach.

Our Core Values
Our core values underpin our culture and are embodied in our behavior:

  1. We are thorough and original in our thinking and actions, ensuring high-quality service and results.
  2. We believe that only win-win relationships are desirable and sustainable in the long term.
  3. We continuously increase our standards through constant innovation and refinement of our techniques.
  4. We exclude all considerations other than the needs and best interests of our clients.
  5. We avoid conflicts of interest and never compromise our ethical business practices.

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