About Us

Our Company

Many investment firms will tell you about their accolades and awards. We have them too. They’re important, but what matters more is your peace of mind. Your ability to sleep at night. Your retirement. Your kids’ college education. Your confidence in your future. That’s the MCM difference.

Team Members

The greatest investment a person can make is an investment in themselves.

Tim Meyer

President & Chief Investment Officer

We pay meticulous attention to our clients' needs. And we do it in extraordinary ways.

Alison Belew

Director, Portfolio Administration

We sweat every...single...detail, so that our clients can sleep better at night.

John Meyer, CFP®

Director, Portfolio Management

Our clients count on us to give their financial life the time, care and attention it deserves.

Amanda Brown

Associate Director, Portfolio Administration

We hold ourselves to the highest standards to continually exceed our clients’ expectations.

Lana Smith

Portfolio Administrator

We’re not opposed to mass financial strategies; we’re just waiting for two of our clients to be in the exact same financial situation.

Garrett Cobb

Investment Operations Specialist

Trust, integrity, and reliability are the bedrock of everything we do. I’m proud to help make that happen.

Molly Jones

Portfolio Administrator